Country #16, Day 115-116, Bruges, Belgium

Country #16, Day 115-116, Bruges, Belgium
Country #16, Day 115-116, Bruges, Belgium
Venice in the North

Bruges in Dutch or Brugge in French, is a medieval town which gained prominence as a major port during the 14th century and had its golden age last until the beginning of 16th century. It was one of the biggest ports and richest cities at its time in Europe and has been home to many english kings and their courts when they were in exile

The city which was in a state of perpetual decline until the late 19th century when it caught the eye of wealthy British and French tourists and started reviving. It has been lucky to survive both the World Wars completely intact despite being occupied by Germans in both. Today it stands as a city with its medieval architecture beautifully restored with modern civic infrastructure, a truly unique blend. Only in Bruges can you see modern cars parked outside of medieval houses with living residents all in perfect harmony.

It is frequented by over 2mil tourists annually who come here for the perfectly preserved architecture, great food, winding dreamy canals and if you stay for a night it has all of those things flood lit, it literally turns into a fairy tale town.

Our two days here were spent roaming the beautiful cobbled streets, meeting and dining with our friends living on a yacht moored at the canal circling the city. We ourselves set up our first camp in a nearby designated site and what an experience that was. Quaint Bruges was a very well deserved break after the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam

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