About Us

A few trips and some watsapp messages- these were the ingredients that lead to the formation of “the indian rovers”. It’s nearly impossible to find anything in common between us. Be it our way of thinking, our lifestyle, or our outlook towards life; we are as different as we can get. Yet it is us motley four, bought together by fate who have decided to embark on this fantastic and mysterious journey of self discovery, world culture and the hopes of finding heaven on earth.
“the western sojourn” is a compilation of short stories, events, pictures and videos to makes you view our journey through 4 different perspectives! Enjoy our night life as we experience it 1st hand. Come see the cultural beauty of different countries through our eyes and not through the trained monotony of a tour guide.
Our journey of 33,500kms starts from Tanot on Indo-Pak border near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan and takes us East towards Myanmar, Thailand, Laos. From there we go North and then West via China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. We turn North towards Kazakhstan into Russia, Finland all the way beyond the Arctic circle before turning South towards Lofoten in Norway, and then Sweden towards Denmark. Once into Denmark we will cross to central Germany and then go West to Netherlands, Belgium, Northern France paying homage to WWII soldiers. From here to Spain where we traverse South crossing the entire country to Malaga, Barcelona and then from French riviera towards Switzerland via Annecy. And then in our last country Italy, all the way South to Mt. Etna via Rome, Naples, Pompeii and conclusion in Amalfi.
21 countries in 158 day!!
158 days of excitement, uncertainties, adventure, unfathomable experiences and countless emotions turntables. How v gonna do it? Nobody knows… but are v gonna do it.. HELL YEAAA!!!
All we wanna do thru this is to give a face to the term nothing is impossible, and yes… DREAMS DO COME TRUE….